Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule a stretch session on the "schedule a stretching session" page or call 781.871.8212 or stop in to the GettiGear boutique located in Merchants Row, Hanover, MA.
Please wear comfortable workout clothing. Including: leggings or sweatpants; tee shirt or tank top. Please wear a clean pair of socks. Thank you.
Stretch sessions are 30 mins long and can focus on several areas of your body for maximum results.
GettiFlex offers a series of assisted active stretches custom tailored to each client using proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and myofascial release. This cutting edge technology provides a superior focused muscle therapy allowing us to painlessly release stubborn, localized fascial tightness. Using these techniques in junction with the GettiFlex percussion instrument’s gentle stimulating action increases blood supply to the area and increases loosening of involved muscles and connective tissue thus helping to relieve pain, increase mobility and range of motion.